Posted below are Maple worksheets relating to research performed on the pentagasket by Bryant Adams, Professor Strichartz, and myself. Recently I found the cause of a 15% difference in results between Bryant's code and my own. It looks as though BRYANT owes ME a pizza. I've also fixed my Laplacian function, so I've tested both Bryant's results and my own. We can now solve Dirchlet's equation on the Pentagasket (using Kigami's definition of the Laplacian). We will continue checking this, but primarily move forward with classifying eigenvectors and begin applying the FEM more generally.

Currently these files are posted here primarily for the authors convinience. Feel free to download them, and be sure to check back for regular updates. Last updated: 07-12-01

Approximating with harmonic splines (broken lines)

Approximating with matched normal derivatives

Most recent backup worksheet

Ratios for numerical integration

Maple worksheet to compute Neumann eigenvalues