Cornell REU 2002: Dynamical Systems

The forced van der Pol equation

Judith Hubbard (607) 272-7562

This webpage documents the work I have been doing in the Cornell Math REU of 20002. I and four other students have been working with Dr. Guckenheimer and Dr. Weckesser in studying the Forced Van der Pol equation. For a more comprehensive review of the system, go to Katy Bold and Chantal Edward's website.

My work has focused on the full system. I have been researching periodic solutions, with and without canards, and the symbolic dynamics involved therein.

Research notes:

Pictures and figures not in the notes:

AUTO file directory: AUTO files

Postscript figures from the research notes above: Postscript figures

For more detail about the program, and more relevant links, see Dr. Weckesser's website about the REU.