Differential Equations on the Sierpinski Gasket
Matlab Plot of a harmonic function (red) and an approximate solution to the Elliptic differential equation with a harmonic with boundary values .01,1,10 (blue) both restricted to boundary values 3,8,9)

Welcome to the Differential Equatoins on the Sierpinski Triangle website.  This page was created by Jeremy Stanley from Wichita State University. The research presented was created by a collaborative effort between Jeremy Stanley, Bob Strichartz and Alexander Tuplyaev at the Cornell REU program during the summer of 2000.  This page is intended to serve as a reference for further work done on this topic. I include mathematical proofs, explanations of algorithms, and actual code. All of the files are directory structures in .tar format, which can be uncompressed in a Unix/Linux environment. Windows versions should be available soon.




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Last Update: August 11, 2000