Welcome to the Finite Element Method on the Sierpinski Gasket website.

The creators of this site and researchers of this project are Michael Gibbons* of Manhattan College, Riverdale, NY and Arjun Raj** of the University of California, Berkeley.

The research was part of the Research Experience for Undergraduates program at Cornell University. The research was done under the supervision of Bob Strichartz of the Math Department during the period of June 28 to August 20, 1999.

The menu to the left will lead you to the basics and the not so basics. You will come across some cool graphs and animations and if you so desire, you can download any of the Maple or Matlab code.

If you have any questions or comments, send email to:
Michael Gibbons or Arjun Raj.

* Research was funded by NYSEP - New York Science Education Program

** Research was funded by NSF, REU Program

Cornell University, © 1999