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Inserting Postscript Pictures Locally

The file
epsftest from the OzTeX distribution shows how to use the epsf macros to insert an encapsulated postscript picture in plain tex or latex. This will work on the lab and Department linux machines. Basic usage is
		\input epsf 
to input the macros followed by
to display the picture. One can also set the size, e.g.
or center the picture by enclosing in \centerline:
Typical producers of encapsulated postscript include convert from the ImageMagick package on linux machines, Adobe programs like Illustrator and Photoshop as well as GraphicConverter (in the graphics subfolder of Mathlab Fileserver ) on lab Macintoshes. The latter also imbeds a pict image (which is a binary format, in contrast to normally ASCII postscript) for preview purposes on a Mac.


The links below are out of date, but the main point is that simply using dvips followed by acrobat to produce pdf from tex/latex has a number of problems. Tools like pdftex and pdflatex should be used directly instead.

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